About Julie


A playground is a place for everyone to play and move without limitations, this is what Natalie Keating wanted for children with special needs.  She remembers how it was difficult for her sister, Julie, to get around.  Julie’s Jungle is inspired by a girl who loved to be around people.  What better place than a playground? Having special needs made it difficult for Julie to play.  An all-inclusive park for children is being developed in her memory for all individuals regardless of their abilities and needs.  Julie Keating and the Keating family are the inspiration for this park.

A Message from the Keating Family

Julie’s Jungle is inspired by a little girl who, without words, could bring a community together.  Julie was a very special girl who touched many  hearts with her laughter and smile.  Like Julie, this will be a special playground for everyone.  It will always make children smile.  Julie reminded us that it is the simple things in life that are most important.

Julie loved pictures and books, she enjoyed music, going to school, swimming, and therapeutic horseback riding.  Most of all, she loved to be outside.

Julie would have liked a playground where she could be pushed in her wheelchair or could have walked independently while holding the handrails. Julie’s Jungle will provide many colors and textures for all children to experience. We would love to see a playground built  without limitations for any child; this is something Julie would have wanted.  Most of all, she would have enjoyed watching children do all the things they are capable of doing.

We appreciate your support to make this project happen for every child to enjoy.

~ The Keating family